Records of working hours K-Time K Time iDEV Bijeljina
Records of working hours K-Time K Time iDEV Bijeljina
Records of working hours K-Time K Time iDEV Bijeljina

What is K-Time?

is a mobile application designed to keep records of the presence of employees at work that is fully managed through the JUST CUBE Internet Information System (ERP Cloud platform). It has wide possibilities for defining different work plans and schedules.

It is mostly highlighted by a detailed graphic of the events and calculations that allow insight into the events and structure of the presence. User interfaces and operating procedures are for current and current records - data are processed in real time.

Adaptability to different user needs is ensured by a variety of configurable parameters, schedules, calendar events that can be adapted to different accounting rules.

Monitoring of working

Working hours are managed through the web, only you need is a browser and Internet access.

Planning of working time

Employee scheduling is a complex process that does not offer a single or simple solution.


You can use data from working time records to show key performance indicators.

Logging in / out

No additional hardware components are required to register / unsubscribe employees. The employee needs to have a Smartphone and a K-TIME application.


The system sign-up site is a virtual terminal (GPS location) and the total number of virtual terminals is defined by each employer individually according to the needs of the company.

Speed and efficiency

The K-TIME application allows all employees of the company to register / unsubscribe at the same time. There is no wait times for logging in / out.

Reasonable price

The cost of implementing the system for the average company (10 employees) is approximately 150 euros / year, and for companies with several hundred employees, the correction of the price is done to lower pay grades according to the number of employees

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